If Not Scared Then You’re Already Dead

Illustrated by Amisha Ali

Do you like scary movies? The best scary movies are the ones that make you want to bawl out while you’re watching them, but also the ones that haunt your nightmares days later after finishing the film. 

“The number one scary movie I have seen so far is The Poughkeepsie Tapes,” exclaimed Nicholas Nathu during his interview.

Nathu replied, “the scare level is 9 because it’s so realistic and it happened so close to our city. The villain doesn’t do anything magical, he does things a real person can do. Interviews and videos from a hard drive of the serial killer’s snuff films are used to tell the story of a serial killer’s killings in Poughkeepsie, New York.”

“The number one scary movie I have seen by far is Poltergeist,” stated Hannah Girdharry.

“I would rate the scare level a solid 8 because there were instances in the movie which would send chills down my spine. Or something would just pop out of nowhere, making me jump a little. When ghosts communicate with an ordinary California family via television, strange and creepy events occur. The spirits were friendly and playful at first, but when Carol Ann goes missing, Steve and Diane seek assistance from a parapsychologist and, ultimately, an exorcist.”

“The number one scary movie I have seen yet would be Poltergeist,” said Brandon Kissoon.

“On a scale from 1-10, I would rate this movie an 8 because there were a lot of jump scares and it had a great story line. Also, one of my biggest fears are clowns and in the movie there was a specific scene that had a huge jump scare with a clown in it.”

Scary movies are a big deal to some people. Everyone loves a good fright here and there. Horror movies can be labeled as thrillers and mystery which I find really interesting. Scary movies can be watched all seasons too, not just Halloween time. 

The point of this scary movie review was to see if you would be interested in watching one of these movies if you haven done so already. After watching these recommended movies, answer this question. Do you like scary movies? Or you can’t handle it!

Reyana Persaud

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