How Does Rare Beauty Support Mental Health?

Selena Gomez launched Rare Beauty almost two years ago, and it’s gone viral ever since. It consists of light and breathable formulas which help to build coverage and allow you to customize your looks. At first, everyone assumed Selena made this other way to make profits but it turns out it’s way more than that. She clearly states how Rare Beauty’s purpose focuses on mental health. 

Before Rare Beauty came in stock, the Rare Impact fund was part of an early commitment plan on addressing mental health. They wanted to make sure that more people had access to the resources they needed to support their mental health. Not only is it focused on mental health but also self-acceptance and they aim to spread this around the world. Rare beauty has also partnered up with organizations such as the National Alliance for Mental Illness (NAMI) and the National Council for Behavioral Health to provide over 2 million educational resources to help them feel less alone and seek support. These resources feature everything starting with articles on how to support someone in need, to learning about the different types of mental health care professionals, and where to turn to if someone is experiencing a mental health crisis. 

Selena states, “I wish I learned about mental health the way I learned about other subjects growing up. Every young person deserves to learn about their mental health at a young age so they’re equipped to ask questions, have access to resources, and empower themselves.” According to CDC, suicide is the second leading cause of death in teens, yet 16% of all children receive mental health assistance in schools.  Schools strongly lack the teachings of mental health, so Selena wants to bring awareness and make a change so that kids in school can get the support they need. Growing up, Selena dealt with anxiety and depression by herself and she states how she felt that her mental health journey would’ve been different if she got the proper mental health education she needed. Due to all of these,  Selena decided to launch a Mental Health 101 educational campaign. It features the education Selena wanted growing up, and she’s very dedicating to spreading her campaign to many others. 

The whole idea behind Rare Beauty was surprising yet very impactful. Selena wants those who are currently hurting to know that they’re not alone, and they can be able to get the education and support that they desperately need. Not only does Rare beauty want you to focus on your mental health, but also on how you see yourself physically. Selena also hopes that her products can boost people’s self-esteem by encouraging them to embrace their differences through self-expression by using her makeup. 

Raisa Jannati

My name is Raisa Jannati and I’m currently a senior at Thomas A. Edison CTE High School. During my free time, one thing I really enjoy doing is watching anime or reading manga and webtoons. My favorite genres are shoujo and romance. Some other things I enjoy doing especially when I’m bored are trying out new recipes or painting. My interests include photography, psychology, and fashion. I’m an introvert, but once I open up to people, I love talking to and learning new things from them.