Drake v.s. The World?

As we all know by now there has been a recent outburst of “rap beef” between some of the greatest rappers of the music industry. In the spotlight, there is Kendrick Lamar who made the first hit towards Drake. 

Using his feature on “Like That” by Future and Metro Boomin he calls out Drake and J.Cole claiming he is better than everyone in the rap game. Kendrick even uses “First Person Shooter,”  a previous single by the two to diss them. 

After this song debuted there were responses from everyone. When I say everyone I can assure you everyone. Big artists, youtubers, TikTokers and producers like DJ Akademiks all went to the media to express their shock. 

The first to respond to this diss was J.Cole. He dropped his single “7 Minute Drill” and many fans were shocked. It was very anticlimactic to most as he was commending Lamar while dissing him. Some lines that stood out in particular were, 

“Now it’s poppin’ outside like the top of July, My text flooded with the hunger for a toxic reply, I’m hesitant, I love my brother, but I’m not gonna lie.” 

As expected the talk about J.Cole’s diss track didn’t last long and many laughed at the attempt. However, soon enough Drake dropped a long awaited response and the world loved it. 

All over TikTok, Instagram, and Twitter fans were posting about this surprise drop. The almost four minute track by Drake called “Push Ups” was an absolutely insane track. Hit after hit Drake came for Lamar, and not only him but the previous rappers who sided with him. 

In the beginning of the song he comes for Kendrick and responds to all his disses on “Like That,” he goes on to say, “You won’t ever take no chain off of us, How the **** you big steppin’ with a size-seven men’s on?” 

After that he mentions Lamar’s old label and how he had to give them fifty percent of his earnings.

 “Extortion baby, whole career, you been shook up ‘Cause Top told you, “Drop and give me fifty,” like some push-ups, huh.”

On top of these two lines being reacted to almost everyday for the past week, Drake also came for other rappers in his diss. One of these rappers being The Weeknd who Drake had a big connection with before. Drake and The Weeknd have multiple songs together but soon enough they fell out and this beef confirms it. 

“And when you boys got rich, you had to run from it, Cash blowin’ Abel bread, out here trickin’ (Out here trickin’), **** we do for *******, he doin’ for ****** (What the ****?)”, said Drake. 

In these lines he was going after The Weeknd’s manager, CashXO and the amount of money he used for “tricking.” 

Later on throughout the song Drake just keeps using more stuff about Lamar to bury him deeper. He uses the fact that Lamar’s label begged famous streamer Kai Cenat to stream with him. 

“Beggin’ Kai Cenat, boy, you not ******’ beatin’ us,” Drake said. 

After that he goes on to list how he is better than Lamar on all platforms, has more worth, and has more power. 

“Numbers-wise, I’m out of here, you not ******’ creepin’ up, Money-wise, I’m out of here, you not ******’ sneakin’ up,” Drake said.

As for Metro Boomin who produced “Like That” and has problems with Drake, he wasn’t spared at all. Fans all love this line in the song and the meme of the mariachi band singing it.   

“Metro, shut your *** up and make some drums, *****,” Drake said. 

As if all of this wasn’t enough the chorus of the song is mocking Lamar and his former label. This diss by Drake is absolutely changing the game but I wouldn’t say it’s over yet. As Lamar has already dropped another response to “Push Ups.”

Kishon Hariprasad

Hello there! My name is Kishon Hariprasad and currently I am a senior at Thomas A Edison High school. I write for the opinion section for the Edison Light. Since I’m a very attentive person and I mainly listen to what goes on around me, I’ll have very interesting topics for you guys to read about. If you want to know some more about me I’m a person who’s open to everything. I love video games, sports, anime, and technology. I hope you find my articles to your best interest!