Doppelgänger Dilema

Us a new thriller from the makers of Get Out is sure to leave you wanting more. It takes twins to a whole different level. This movie is about a family vacation that get turned upside down.

Something horrific happened to Adelaide Wilson (Lupita Nyong’o) when she was a little girl. She wandered away from her parents  into a funhouse full of mirrors. What she saw wasn’t just her reflection. Years go by and she gets married to Gabe Wilson (Winston Duke), and has two children Zora Wilson (Shahadi Wright Joseph) and Jason Wilson (Evan Alex).


They go on vacation to the house Adelaide grew up in. Once they arrive she starts to see things that remind her of the incident. They find themselves struggling to stay alive when a family that looks just like them sets out to kill them.

The costumes and lighting make this movie what it is. Creepy, suspenseful and mysterious. Usually scary movies are set in an area with little to no lighting. However, the setting for  Us was bright and vibrant. The doppelgängers are all in red jumpsuits carrying gold scissors.

This is a great movie to watch to get your mind going. There are many conspiracy theories that came about because of this movie. In my opinion, The Simpsons and Us are connected. The Simpsons was called out for “predicting the future” because the government allegedly leaks information to the producers to expose to the public. Knowing that with modern technology anything is possible leaves me wondering if clones are real.

What if our clone was somewhere out there and we just don’t know it? I think it is very possible for the government to leak the information to Jordan Peele and he’s basically telling us to start focusing on living instead of worried about the material things.

Jessica Chotoo

My name is Jessica Chotoo and I write for the Arts and Entertainment section of The Edison Light. I choose this section because I’m an entertainment fanatic. I enjoy old and new films. In my free time I like to dance and watch movies with my family.