DC Universe Online Stats Revamp

DC Universe Online is a cross platform massively multiplayer game that gives players the ability to create their own superhero or villain and fight alongside iconic DC comic book characters.

After being out for six years, this is the first time the DC gaming community will see major changes to the combat mechanics of the game. A new update that is stated to be released in April will change how affective player’s characters are in game. Before we can go into detail on what this new update will bring, we need to do an overview on how the game currently works.

In the current game, your character becomes stronger as you progress through missions and collect higher tier gear. The higher level of gear your character has, the higher his combat rating is. Combat rating can be defined as a character’s overall level and is commonly referred to as CR. If your CR is high and you were to go into combat with a low level CR character, you will most definitely win because your damage will be much greater than theirs. You may wonder what the problem is with this type of mechanic in game. Many of us see it as a way of rewarding long lasting players who take lots of time to increase their CR, but in reality, it’s a crucial part that has contributed to broken mechanics in game.

Online Post From the Developers of DCUO Stating The New Update

Online Post From the Developers of DCUO Stating The New Update

A player can spend countless hours grinding out content in the game to get high level gear, but not learn a thing about the game’s mechanics. This has resulted in players ending mid-game because they are not able to complete high-tier missions. Their CR is high, but the player’s skill is low since he or she spent most of their time trying to get higher level gear, instead of studying the mechanics of missions, which would increase their success rate.

The DC Universe Stats Revamp update will eliminate the need for players to grind out missions to become more powerful in game. Instead, you will be rewarded Skill Points for playing the same mission and finding new ways to complete them. These Skill Points can then be used to increase your player’s stats in game. Player’s Stats will make your character stronger by increasing their damage, health, or other bonuses that your character provides. Skill points will discourage players from trying to get the maximum gear in game because the gear will no longer determine the character’s strength.

The Stats Revamp update was created to improve the game now, and also the future. Player’s are looking forward to the new changes and content that will be released with this update.


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