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Samsung has introduced their new Infinity Display Screen that curves around the edges of the phone. This design gives the Galaxy an infinite display look that has contributed greatly to its sale as a competitor to the Iphone 7. With the new release of the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+, a lot of phones are dwarfed by the S8’s size and features.

“The screen was definitely one of the main reasons why I bought the phone, but the big screen does take some battery,” Nicholas Balseca said.

Samsung Galaxy

The battery on the Galaxy S8 remains unchanged from the previous model used on the Galaxy S7. The 3,000 mAh battery provides 14 hours of internet use, which is the same as the Galaxy S7. If we compare the talk time on both phones, the Galaxy S7 greatly surpasses the S8 by 8 hours.

Users have complained about the battery life, but what can you expect when you buy a phone with the screen almost the full size of the Galaxy S7.

The battery is not the only problem customers have with this new release. Third-party phone carriers will have to wait until late May for the release of the unlocked version of the Galaxy S8. This has caused many customers to wait for the unlocked version instead because they won’t be tied to one specific phone carrier.

Having the Unlocked version of the Galaxy S8 will allow users to quickly change sim cards without the need of canceling their previous phone plans.

Although the wait for the Unlocked version of the Galaxy S8 isn’t long, for phone gurus, this is a life time. New leaks of the Iphone 8 have been released, which is making pending buyers of the Galaxy question their future purchase.

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