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Redskins Lost a Leg to Stand On

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Entering week 11 of the 2018 NFL season, the Washington Redskins had a pretty good record with six wins and three losses. So far, with this great performance by the Redskins, they are first place in the NFC East division,

Edison’s PGC Activity Day

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Edison’s Peer Group Connection (PGC) hosted Activity Day in the gymnasium on October 24th, 2018. From periods one through eight, seniors who take part in PGC and freshmen commenced on building strong relationships with each other. Activity Day featured several

Vacation Homework Should Not be Allowed

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The four day Thanksgiving weekend was a time for people to be thankful for things in their life; one thing students weren’t thankful for was all the homework they received.

Homework during vacation is a burden on students. Instead of

Sport Bras to the PRESS

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Rowan University banned there female cross country runners from wearing sport bras without a shirt on. This banned was implemented after it was deemed distracting to the football team at the university.

This banned brought out the issue of restrictions

Regulation Serve

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Edison Girls Volleyball team gets cut out of the playoffs by regulation. The Edison Girls Volleyball team had an outstanding season of five losses and five wins compared to past season like the 2017-2018 season with one win and nine

Calling All Theorists

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Until now the interactions between Youtubers and subscribers were quite limited, but that all changes now with the first-ever large-scale youtube ARG(Alternative Reality Game) hosted by the Infamous Mat Pat. So if you’re a person who loves puzzle solving get

Starbucks is Pouring on the Festive Charm

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The holiday season is upon us and Starbucks isn’t lagging behind with the release of their seasonal line up that includes both old and new favorites.

Starbucks is a coffee juggernaut with great influences in and outside the United States.

A Tap into Tasty

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Black Tap is a welcoming joint; with a cool and boisterous vibe with its unique decor. It’s barely been a hour since Black Tap opened and there’s a line of people curling around the corner. But what’s all this craze

Lil Peep Emerges From The Darkness One Last Time

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The deaths of celebrities have become widely publicized in last the decade to due to social media and other communication platforms.  Many of these celebrities leave with legacies behind their name, while some leave with lightly exposed careers, yet impactful

Saving The Under-privileged

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The first floor of the Thomas A. Edison High School holds a room filled with kids that are more than just students, they are the change of tomorrow. The Model United Nations students are determined to get their word broadcast …